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Hi, I'm Garry Gekhman 

and I love helping people of this fabulous industry


Suusar, Eleonora, Veronica, Daniele, Riccardo with Garry Gekhman

Real People, Real Results, Real Success


Originally from what was then called the Soviet Union, I immigrated twice.  My titles include Israeli National Champion, British, U.K. International R.S. Finalist, and World Vice Champion in Classic Show Dance.   I was also privileged to be a Guest Performer on the popular TV show Dancing with the Stars.

I enjoy running a dance studio and NDCA sanctioned dance competitions with all the organizational nuances those entities require.   I have always wanted to operate a staffing company for the dance industry. I care about my fellow dancers and want to give serious, hard-working individuals focused on success an easier, clearer way to understand the process and find a suitable workplace in the USA.  Those with ambition will be successful. Only 1 thing is left. Take the leap! You will not regret it!


M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T



We would be thrilled to help dancers and athletes find work with knowledgeable, enthusiastic professionals.  We are excited to connect those needing teachers with people who want to share their expertise in dance at studios and dance centers.

Dance goes beyond business. It is our passion and heritage.  We are special people who love to share our love of the art of dance, especially with our students.

Life should be celebrated, so let’s celebrate it with DANCE!

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